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WR-1 component page

The WR-1, is the wireless component of the Wilson F/X line of launch control products. The WR-1's should be available in the Spring of 2012. The WR-1's can be used for distances between the LCO and your far pads that would make connecting by 100 foot 16/3 extension cords impractical. That usually means distances over 500 feet, though the regular hardwired system has been used with over 1000 feet between the LCU and the far pads with no degrading the signals to the far pads. Each WR-1 works either as the LCU Transmitter or as a Pad/Bank Receiver and you need at least two WR-1ís in order to connect far pads via wireless. You may connect as many pads as you want to your away cell wireless WR-1. You connect it to your pad box at the Away pad connecting it in to replace the hard wired 16/3 extension cord from the Launch Controller. There is one extra piece of hardware that is supplied with your first two WR-1's. It is a simple splicer that connects the wireless into your W-F/X launch controller and still allows for hard-wiring your closer pads with good old 16/3 outdoor extension cords.