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LCU-1 component page

The LCU-1/ARM is a multi-function single pad controller.† As a single pad launch controller it fires its own designated Pad Box just like the regular main LCU-64.† There are 16 different PB-1ís so that up to 16 members of a club could each own their own PB-1/LCU-1 combination and have them all work together as single pad boxes for a club system.† You could even connect them all together like Christmas lights and have up to 16 single pad controllers sitting on your LCO-table for a 16 pad launch control system.† But the LCU-1 is also a multi-function launch controller.† In its standard mode, it is a single pad controller, but with very simple owner re-programming done by simply powering the controller up and following simple instructions involving the on/off switch, the fire button, and listening to the Piezo Buzzer beeping, the LCU-1 turns into the Wilson F/X Armageddon Controller.† This is the angry beast that temporarily overrides all other Wilson F/X programming allowing the Armageddon Switch to fire all pads on all banks that are connected to the Armageddon Switch.† This is for serious Drag Races Only and not for the faint of heart.† The LCU-1 in Armageddon mode will tell every pad connected to the system to fire no matter what is loaded or even if there is anything loaded.† The Armageddon switch is NOT used for regular launches for the obvious reasons. The LCU-1 in Armageddon mode can also be used as an auxiliary LCU to fire clusters and away pads that are not connected to the rest of the pads in the system.